Discover The Answer To A Very Important Question - How Do You Get Bed Bugs?

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Published: 25th November 2014
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How do you get bed bugs? If you don't know the answer to this question you should read this today!

Bed bugs remain a major headache all over the United States and indeed across many countries in Europe. Having a basic knowledge of how you get bed bugs ought to make a significant difference with regards to preventing their spread.

Listed below are six of the most typical ways you can get bed bugs invading your house:

1. Travel - We all love to treat ourselves and our children to the odd vacation and a lot people have to travel on business.
Alas, this is the most common way for bedbugs to find their way into our properties. These vampire pests are really good hitch hikers and will crawl into clothing and other belongings left in hotel rooms, on planes or from any other kind of public transport in which they may be hiding away. It just takes one traveler or visitor to have the pests on their clothing or possibly in their suitcases to cause an infestation.

2. Visitors - How do you get bed bugs from visitors? Well, I would sincerely hope that none of your friends or family members would bring bed bugs to stay intentionally. Especially around the holiday season this can be a problem when you could potentially have many people staying over.

3. Buying clothes from second-hand stores - times are difficult and of course money is tight for some of us. If you buy clothes from such store carry them home in a sealed plastic bag. Wash them at as high a temperature as material can allow and tumble dry immediately. Hiring outfits at times like Halloween might also be problematic and you almost certainly can never be 100% sure they have been laundered and checked before hand. In this instance you need to fully check everything prior to taking it into your home.

4. Buying used furniture - this can be very high risk however if needs must... First off only go to a used furniture store that is trustworthy. Look at the furniture thoroughly. Couches, seats, bed frames etc will all be fairly difficult to check fully. If you locate any sort of small rips in fabric or seams coming undone leave well alone - you will never know if there are bedbugs inside of it. Any piece of furniture that seems to have white powder inside might have been treated for bed bugs or possibly another kind of pest and therefore my advise would be leave well alone. Whenever possible, get items you do buy properly fumigated - unfortunately this will clearly increase the cost.

5. Taking in articles of furniture from dumpsters or maybe off the street - no matter how desperate you are this really is not a good idea. Indeed there is every chance that those items have been left because they contain bed bugs!

6. Moving into leased houses. This is something that happens to a lot of individuals - they move into a new property and in less than two weeks they have bed bugs everywhere! Okay so, how do you get bed bugs when you are sure you did not have them before the move? Quite often the previous tenant has had problems, they move out, the landlord has a little bit of a clean, maybe has the place sprayed then rents the property to someone else. Should a few insects or perhaps eggs survive and of course reproduce any new tenant could quickly have a big problem on their hands.

If you are moving it is often smart move to ask a pest control expert along to review the accommodation for indications of bed bugs. Be aware, many property owners may object to this so ask your expert to pose as a relative or friend so they can have a good poke around.

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