Home Remedies For Bed Bugs - The Safe And The Plain Silly!

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Published: 30th May 2013
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Bed bugs are undoubtedly still causing significant concerns and the price of employing trained pest control experts can often be huge. That is why many people are looking for home remedies for bed bugs which work.

Now, there exists various forums and websites recommending a multitude of home remedies. Some, just do not work whilst others are simply hazardous!

Now let us consider a couple of these:

Rubbing alcohol - I have seen this hailed on various online forums and sure in the event that the alcohol comes into direct contact with a live bed bug it will kill it! Unfortunately, the basic issue is that being alcohol it evaporates very quickly which means it has no lasting effect and will not kill bugs that trundle from their hiding places later. The second and most frightening problem with rubbing alcohol as a home remedy for bed bugs is the fact it is extremely flammable. Numerous people have set their own homes alight after dousing couches, mattresses etc with alcohol then unintentionally dropping a match or maybe cigarette. Not one of the most smart remedies for bed bugs!

Pesticides - any type of chemical treatment needs to be carried out with great care. Do not use anything but products which can be safely used indoors and in places where potentially yourself and your loved ones are going to sleep. Indeed there are a lot chemical pesticides out there that are actually only made for use outdoors - regardless of how desperate you may be NEVER be tempted to apply them inside. Some are incredibly toxic and could kill more than bed bugs! Personally I would recommend getting experts involved if chemical treatments end up being required.

All right, so those are some home remedies for bed bugs that are possibly best avoided.

Let us look at some that can be very effective:-

Diatomaceous earth - this is a dust made from ground fossil shells. There are various types but, for use in this capacity you want the freshwater food-grade product which is completely safe. This is certainly not in the slightest a fast or complete remedy for bed bugs. Placing a light sprinkling of diatomaceous earth in areas within your house where it will not be disturbed will likely kill bed bugs that come into contact with it. In simple terms it gets into their joints and also wears down their waxy exterior shellcausing them to dehydrate.

Laundering and also tumble drying clothing, bed sheets etc. - you will need to make this the first task in any home remedy for bed bugs. While washing will clean and also freshen the items heat of the tumble drier will eliminate any bed bug eggs, nymphs and adults concealed inside. Bed bugs will be killed by temperatures in excess of 120 oC
Bed bug sprays - there are lots of of these around whilst many will eliminate bed bugs on contact few will destroy bedbug eggs or any insects which come out following the treatment.

Vacuum-cleaning and Steam Cleaning - I have discovered this to actually be one of the best home remedies for bed bugs. To start use a vacuum cleaner on mattresses, couches, soft furnishings, soft toys and so forth. Please note it is vital that you empty and properly clean the vacuum cleaner the moment you are finished or else you could just end up distributing bed bugs to other areas of your house. Retrace your steps with a good steam cleaner, it must achieve temperatures upwards of 120 oC and it ought to generate dry vapor. The nozzle of the steam vapor cleaner should be placed on the surface and moved slowly and methodically. If the nozzle is too far from the surface the temperature of the steam is going to be reduced making it less effective.

You will discover that utilizing these home remedies for bed bugs separately will not eliminate your problem. Using them as a combination on the other hand may well get rid of bed bugs. It must be said however, if your infestation is in more than one room and extremely large there really is not a home cure that is able to get rid of these blood sucking pests and you really will need professional help.

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