Knowing What Kills Bed Bugs Could Safe You Money!

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Published: 08th April 2015
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Killing bed bugs by your self in your own home is far from being a simple task. It is made tough as a result of their ability to squeeze their flat oval shaped bodies in the most tiny crevices and holes.
This makes actually reaching them in order to exterminate them extremely hard.

Therefore, the dilemma is what kills bed bugs?

Well, perhaps you are aware that you can probably come across scores of products out there that may get the job done. However, chemical products have a handful of major draw backs.

1. They may lead to future health issues for the residents of the property.

2. These blood sucking pests have over time built up resistance to them, making them useless
For this reason, what kills bed bugs yet is 100% non hazardous and safe?

There are numerous techniques you can choose here are a few examples:

HEAT: This in my opinion is the most effective way to kill bed bugs in your property and here are various ways you might go about it.

Steam: Once the infested room has been totally cleared of clutter and everything possible has been vacuumed you can get to work using your steam cleaner. It is important that you devote time and move the steam head over areas including the mattress and soft furnishings slowly, moving inch by inch with the steam cleaner hovering just above the surface. You need to always keep the steam head as close as possible to the area undergoing treatment to ensure that the vapor temperature remains as high as is possible. Hold it too far away and the temperature of the vapor drops making it a good deal less efficient.

If you are intending to investing in a steam cleaner there are several things you will need to keep in mind:

1. Make certain it can get to temperatures in excess of 120 oC.

2. Get one where the pressure of steam can be altered. If the steam is released at very high pressure the risk is you just blow the bed bugs to a different area of the room!

3. Look for a steam cleaner which produces dry steam. This is important in order to prevent treated items like mattresses for example becoming very wet and possibly forming black mold or mildew.

You will find however other heat treatment methods that will kill bed bugs.

Laundry dryer: Before you begin any major treatment for bed bugs the first task commonly involves washing all clothes and bed linen from the affected room. Although laundering items at high temperatures is going to cleanse and also freshen them the most important step is drying in the clothes dryer (do not be tempted to air dry!) The high setting is going to kill bed bugs at all stages of growth - even eggs. This is a great way to get rid of bed bugs from items which can not be laundered, if it is possible simply place them in your clothes dryer for approximately 15 minutes on as high a setting as fabrics will allow.

What else should you do with things that cannot be steamed, laundered or tumble dried?

Heat Treatment Device: This is just a heated box. It is a case of simply putting things inside such as maybe footwear, books, sleeping bags, suitcases and so on. turning on and allowing the items to cook for several hours. You can purchase these commercially or you will find instructions for constructing your own on various web sites.

Then again, there are a variety of other techniques for destroying bed bugs you might like to consider which do not include heat:

Bed Bug Traps: You will find a wide choice of these from your fairly state-of-the-art, costly ones to the practical, low cost devices. The one I actually like is a cup shaped one. The legs of the bed or bits of furniture close to your bed are placed inside this cup which contains crawling bug dust. Bed bugs on the search for a blood meal crawl up and fall inside and subsequently are can not get out. The crawling pest dust causes them to dry out and perish. It needs to be said that though this will undoubtedly eliminate bed bugs, used by themselves they are not going to fix an infestation. They are best utilized as a means of establishing the success of various other bed bug treatments.

Crawling Insect Dust: I mentioned this being utilized in conjunction with bed bug traps. However, the food quality product is 100% safe for people and pets, therefore, you may place a light dusting of this in locations where bed bugs may be hiding in other words. along base boards etc. It is best used in areas where it is least likely to be disturbed. It destroys bed bugs by working its way between the parts in the bed bugs exoskeleton body, causing them to dry up and die-off.
This in reality is reliable for treating bed bugs although it takes quite some time until the effects are evident.

Mattress Encasements: These are placed over your mattress (you can acquire them for box springs and even pillows as well) and can prevent bed bugs getting inside. Alternatively, the best use of these so far as I'm concerned would be to put these on after treatment. Which means any parasites or indeed eggs which have not been killed are trapped and as a result cannot bite. It should be said that bed bugs can live for around a year without food given the right conditions so mattress encasements will need to be kept in place long term.

Okay, so which one of these solutions really kills bed bugs successfully? In all honesty You really need to make use of combination of them all that is,. heat, traps,encasements, crawling insect dust and possibly even a non hazardous bed bug spray (make certain you purchase one which has a residual effect and does not only kill on contact.)

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